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Exchange-traded funds (ETF)

ETF trading is to trade directly in exchange-traded funds. This has been very exciting for the last couple of years for me, as I have gained a lot of profit from it.

Exchange-traded funds (ETF)

My personal online trading service easyMarkets has made it very easy to speculate in ETFs.

Trading in ETFs has become more widespread in recent years. Several have been an eye opener for all the benefits that ETF trading offers compared to traditional stock trading and other speculation in the currency market.

Here you can, for example, act in massive exchange traded funds that EU Stocks 50, iShares Japan or Lyxor CAC. You simply speculating in that index funds that will go up or down, just as you do with stock trading.

Difference between ETFs trade and putting the money in the fund is quite obvious. There is no charges in ETF trading, and no fees to your broker (given that you use a free trading platform such as easyMarkets).

Recommended: Use easyMarkets for ETF trading

I have only tested a small sample of Commerce solutions for ETFs. I now use easyMarkets and are very happy. There are no commissions or fees.

They offer many different trading opportunities, including trading in exchange-traded funds (ETFs). They have small spreads between bid and ask prices, and this makes the service very cheap to use. Others I am very pleased with is that they have a lettbrukelig but advanced trading tools, of course, free. The graphs are good, they provide the ability to set manual profit / loss - limiter, and the range of trading opportunities are immense.

easyMarkets allows you to trade with high leverage even with low margins. For those who do not know the terminology here, it means that with even small deposits can act relatively large sums of money, but this is then in that case a compromise with the risk involved. The ETF market can trade with up to 1:20 leverage. That means you can use just 1,000 dollars of your own money to buy an exchange-traded fund ETF to a value of 20 000. This raises the risk, but also the possibility of better returns.

Recommended thus easyMarkets ETF trading. They are regulated and licensed by FTA and based in London, world financial center! Could not be happier with the choice of your broker.

PS: If you are quick you might still get their 25 dollars/euros in free cash promotion from easyMarkets.