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Forex trading and risk

Forex trading is risky, but can also provide huge profits. It's actually quite easy to start with foreign exchange trading.

Forex trading and risk

Currencies are something you can use as a paid position (long-term speculation), or you can engage in active currency trading (short-term trading).

If one has faith in the one particular currency, then it is not wrong to save the bank. Conversely, if you are worried about the outlook for the currency saving in, then it is a bad sign. Icelanders who saved the Icelandic krona at high interest account during the financial crisis of 2008 would probably do it differently today.

When we compare the value of currencies, they must be seen in relation to each other. For example, the U.S. dollar and british pounds (GBPUSD), this is a currency pair where the values ​​of one currency are relative to the value of the second currency.

What is money?

At the time of writing you can get €1,303 euros in exchange for $1 dollar, another time you might need to pay 1.4010 euros for the same dollar.

Money is not worth more than what it represents. A single dollar bill is physically the same today as tomorrow, but the value that this represents is constantly changing. The paper itself has no value, that is what money represents real value.

How to profit from currency trading?

Then we come to an important question: How do you earn money on Forex?

It's easy to understand what it takes to make money in forex. Something else is there to try to make money on currencies in practice.

Currency, for example USDNOK will never have a constant value. The exchange rate is constantly all the time. The challenge is thus to predict which currency is going to appreciate within a given period.

If you want to speculate long term GBPUSD, you must have an idea of ​​the value of the two (USD and NOK) is going to appreciate. Do you think that the USD will be worth more than sufficient in the future, so shop with plenty USD. As you can see, a foreign exchange transaction involves the simultaneous buying and selling. You buy one currency in exchange for another.

That way is not unlike forex trading. One change only two " things ". In stock trading money exchanged for shares. In currency exchanged money by currency (eg probably) the money of another currency (eg USD).

You earn money in currency trading that is by buying a currency that appreciates in value relative to another currency.

Which currency is profitable to buy?

Then we come to an even bigger question: Which currencies are profitable to buy and sell?

To give good predictions of future exchange rates must be analyzed. There are roughly divided into two forms of analysis: the technical variation, and the fundamental variant.

Technical analysis involves studying the historical development of exchange rates. We look at the exchange rate back in time to say something about the exchange in the future. In financial markets, this form of analysis is very widespread, but has its weaknesses. It is not possible to predict the future based on the past. Nevertheless, technical analysis is that it very often is a connection between history and current prices.

Fundamental analysis involves studying the market conditions. This goes on macroeconomics. This analysis form is often far more komlisert and analyzes requires more extensive work. Man looking at a whole range of factors that may affect exchange rates, so re-released statistical reports such as unemployment eller consumer, political decisions such as interest rates, and so on.

What kind of analysis you choose will be up to you. Do you use a good Forex broker will get all the tools dy need, and you can choose whether to engage in trading based on technical analysis or fundamental trading.

Where to start with Forex?

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