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Salehoo for dropshipping: Good or bad?

Dropshipping can be easily explained as follows: You sell goods on behalf of a dealer (dropshippping shoulder), and the retailer sends it on to your customers.

Salehoo & dropshipping

Illustration shows how dropshipping via eBay takes place in practice.

You can easily obtain customers via eBay. The big problem for many people trying to make money online has been to find appropriate retailers, but with Salehoo this problem is gone.

Salehoo is a service that connects sellers and dropshippere. Here's a great list that sends products to the world. The advantage of doing dropshipping via eBay is that you do not need to limit yourself to selling only to your local audience, you can benefit from selling out to "the whole world".

We have tried us on dropshipping using Salehoo and is so far satisfied but want feedback from users. What do you think of this business model, and what are their thoughts on Salehoo?

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